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Bioethics at the Crossroads of Faith, Reason and Science


The 2013 Summer Course in Bioethics organized by the School of Bioethics at the Pontifical University Regina Apostolorum will be held on July 2nd - July 12th.

Bioethics often studies subjects related to advances in biological and medical sciences, but they cannot be reduced to scientific rationality.

Ethical dilemmas concerning life and death, healing and suffering, the relationship between people, and so on, cannot be separated from an integralvision of reality.

This vision can be opened or closed to the Transcendence, i.e., with reason enlightened by faith or with faith alone. The aim of the course is toanalyze these deep relationships, to bea platform of dialogue between different views, even opposing ones, to arrive at the greatest good for all.

It is possible to attend both tracks or just one.

The first track will deal with fundamental issues: the relationship between faith and reason; the relationship between science and philosophical reason; scientism; science and technology in the face of human life;secular and Catholic bioethics; theological study of bioethics; natural law and bioethics; different religious visions; and pastoral application of bioethics, and so on.

The second track will address some of the specific problems of the bioethics considered under different points of view: from the beginning of life to the end of life; fromprocreation to the respect of the environment;genetic manipulation and eugenics, etc.

The lectures will be offered by professors of the School of Bioethics, with participation of experts and professors from different countries.

In addition to the conferences meetings and activitiesfor reflection and discussion will be organized toencourage active participation of all the students.

The Summer course is aimed at all those who are interested in the topics of bioethics: health care workers, professors, students and graduates of all disciplines. Students with Master's degree or PhD in Bioethics who are regularly enrolled in the school can participate: they will receive after passing the evaluation 3 credits (4ECTS) for each track. At the end of each track is scheduled an evaluation.

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