Pontifical Academy for Life


Timing of monozygotic twinning: a critique


The Zygote journal has recently published "The timing of monozygotic twinning: a criticism of the common model", study written by Prof. Gonzalo Herranz, Member Emeritus of the Pontifical Academy for Life.

Dr. Jokin De Irala briefly presents the study:

"The issue is very important for two main reasons. First of all, the timing of the monozygotic twinning is a biological question; in the era of medicine based on scientific studies, we have to ask to what extent the information we have on this matter is reliable. Secondly, the question also possesses high bioethical relevance, because the debate on the beginning of human life, the ethics of the in vitro fertilization (FIV) or the Embryo experimentations have been insistently focused on the timing of the monozygotic twinning, arguing there are no ethical issues related to manipulation of embryos within 14 days from fertilization."

Link to the study.