Pontifical Academy for Life


Spiritual Care: A Necessity


On August 24, the Pontifical Academy for Life, hosted a Seminar on "Spiritual Care in the Clinical Practice of Palliative Care."

The Seminar, with the participation of palliative care specialists from various regions in Italy, is part of the PAL-LIFE Project, an international program recently launched by the Academy to make palliative care better known and available around the world. Palliative care recognizes and welcomes spirituality as an essential dimension of person-centered medicine. The Seminar was led by Prof. Christina Puchalski, founder and current director of George Washington University's Institute for Spirituality and Health (GWish) in Washington, DC. Prof. Puchalski is a pioneer and leader of the movement to integrate spirituality into healthcare, both in the clinical context and in medical education.

Puchalski presentation

Puchalski report

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