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PAV Workshop - Faith and Human Life


On February 22nd, 2013, The Pontifical Academy for Life organized a Workshop, open to the public. Enclosed, you can find:

Workshop Program

Workshop Abstract Book

This initiative stemmed from the "Year of Faith" launched by the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, in October of 2012. We have been considering the doctrinal teachings of the Catholic Church based on the Christian concept of Human Life.

Several presentations have focused on how the Christian message regarding human life can be applied within today's context of various medical, social and curative circumstances.

Workshop Press Release:

Why does the dignity of human life remain firm at the heart of Catholic Church? How do we communicate faith and the concept of the sacred in public discourse? Is respect for every human life as a person and respect for the origin of human life in marriage stable criteria for biomedical issues? How can science become true to its own nature of exploring the truth and serving the human person?

February 21st to 23rd, 2013, the Pontifical Academy for Life [a Catholic think tank on bioethics - founded by bl. pope John Paul II to study, educate and inform on issues connected with defense of human life], gathered in Vatican to treat these and other similar questions. A hundred and forty researchers, medical doctors, university professors, philosophers and theologians from all around the world came together to discuss issues which the Church has to face in the changing times of this 21st century. Their presentations were open to the public on Friday, February 22nd, during Workshop "Faith and Human Life" held in the Vatican City.

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- Programme of the Workshop

Workshop Abstract Book