Pontifical Academy for Life


PAL-LIFE project dedicated to care for the dying


International Advisory Working Group on the Diffusion and Development of Palliative Care in the World.

The Pontifical Academy for Life is sponsoring an international project, to be known as PAL-LIFE, to improve clinical and spiritual care for the dying, with particular attention being paid to the development of palliative care.

The Academy’s principal goals are:

- making ecclesial institutions (Episcopal Conferences, religious orders, lay associations, Catholic universities and colleges, and so forth) more aware of the need to develop effective palliative care protocols around the world;

- bringing the question to the attention of non-church social and cultural organizations;

- becoming a spokesperson for academic and scientific communities in the promotion of palliative care around the world (through academic writings, seminars participated in by representatives from relevant constituencies, participation in social media and in relevant scientific and academic networks, and so forth);

- promoting dialogue and cooperation in practical initiatives among stakeholders at all levels.

The project’s activities will begin on March 31 with a meeting in Rome among the world’s leading experts in the field, including Eduardo Bruera (University of Houston), Liliana de Lima and Katherine Pettus (International Association of Hospice and Palliative Care), Emmanuel Luyirika (African Palliative Care Association), M.R. Rajogapal (Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences, India), Carlos Centeno (University of Navarra, Spain), Sr. Jinsun Yong (Catholic University of Korea), Samy Alsirafy (Cairo University) and Daniela Mosoiu (Hospice “Casa Sperantei” Romania).

The meeting will address both the current situation and the possibilities for and barriers to the growth and implementation of palliative care protocols in the several geographical areas of the world.