Pontifical Academy for Life


In the footsteps of Lejeune: A meeting with the family


A short but important meeting at the PAV office, on 4 April, brought together Archbishop Paglia and the family of the late Professor Lejeune: his wife Birthe Bringsted and his son-in-law Jean-Marie Le Méné, Chairman of the Lejeune Foundation.

Jerome Lejeune was the PAV's first President, albeit only for a short time because of his premature death in April 1994. A great friend of John Paul II, his studies of the Down Syndrome represent an essential and indispensable contribution to the research.

Always on the front lines to defend the prenatal path, particularly when marked by genetic defects, he has been declared Servant of God and the cause of beatification is advancing.

This is the first meeting of the family of the Academy's first president with its renewed leadership.

Mrs. Lejeune again spoke of her love for the Academy for Life and her bond with it. Indeed, the PAV is linked by a strong synergy to the Foundation, which bears her husband's name and is engaged in research on the Down Syndrome and other genetic diseases.

The meeting was also an opportunity to speak about the work currently being done and about the plans for the future. The PAV's renewed Charter, with the changes under way and the prospects it brings, was also discussed.

The trail left by Professor Lejeune shows no signs of fading: his personal commitment in defense of the weak is being continued by his wife and has been fully embraced by the Foundation.

Link to the Lejeune Foundation:https://www.fondationlejeune.org/en/

Twitter profile:https://twitter.com/FundLejeuneES