Pontifical Academy for Life

Who we are

  • Our history

    On February 11, 1994,
    with his Motu Proprio
    "Vitae Mysterium",
    John Paul II established
    the Pontifical Academy for Life.
    The specific tasks
    of the Academy are:

  • Academic task

    Study questions and issues connected with the promotion and defence of human life from an interdisciplinary perspective;

  • Social task

    Foster a culture of life through suitable initiatives and always in full respect of the Magisterium of the Church;

  • Comunicational task

    Inform the authorities of the Church, the mass media and the civil community in general about the most relevant results of its study and research activities.

  • Presidents of the Academy

    After Prof. Jérôme Lejeune
    passed away in April 1994,
    the Academy was led by
    Prof. Juan Vial Correa (until 2004),
    Mons. Elio Sgreccia (until 2008),
    Mons. Rino Fisichella (until 2010),
    Mons. Ignacio Carrasco de Paula.

  • Members of the Academy

    There are ordinary members appointed by the Pope and corresponding members chosen by the Governing council. All of them have expertise in different fields of biomedical sciences and related disciplines.


These Statutes are approved for a period of five years. I direct that they be promulgated by publication in the daily edition of L'Osservatore Romano and then published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, taking effect on 1 January 2017.

From the Vatican, 18 October 2016



These Regulations of the Pontifical Academy for Life were approved by the Cardinal Secretary of State on December 18, 2006 in order to more effectively implement the Statutes of the Pontifical Academy for Life. These Regulations, in addition to the table laying out the structure and the list of duties of the staff of the Central Office, also contain necessary provisions that supplement the Statutes and relate to the structure, the activities and the management of the funds and income of the Academy.